Its professionalism is based on the preservation of our own traditions and the use of world innovations.


We should not prove the quality of our products. It is your confession that does this.


The technological and software superiority of the equipment we use is the distinguishing feature of SAYAN GROUP.


We Provide The Best Global Industry Services.

   We set out in 1987 with the goal of continuous and stable growth. Using creative, safe and environmentally friendly technologies, we have created a company profile that does not lag behind the times. At the same time, we maintained our sensitivity and respect for the environment and people while doing this.

   Sayan Group is an ever-growing, traditional group of companies that has been operating successfully in the iron and steel and logistics industry for three generations. For over 35 years, we have consistently provided our customers with high quality steel and finished steel products, enormous storage and delivery capacity, as well as logistics and other services.

   With our products and services, we give our customers a strong position in their own markets and gain significant competitive advantages.

Innovation, Quality and Continuous Improvement


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